How to get multiple copies of coupon inserts

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The only way you can get these in those Sunday papers. Printable Coupons: Most coupon sites will direct you to the best printable coupons. Print your coupons in black and white to save on ink costs. You can not photo copy printed coupons. This is fraud.

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Don't think you won't get caught either. Printable coupons are encoded with your ISP or where the coupon printed from in the barcode. They can find out who printed the coupons and block you for life from printing coupons again. It's not worth it. Most sites let you print 2 copies of each coupon per computer. They will almost always send some great coupons - many high value to you!

Getting Started Couponing: How to get multiple copies of a coupon

You can do this online and not worry about spending the cost of a stamp. Even if you had a bad experience companies want to hear from you and will send you coupons. Store Coupons: Local stores will print their own coupons in the newspaper. For instance Rite Aid has in-ad coupons.

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Keep an eye out for these coupons. Usually you can 'stack' or use in conjunction with regular manufacturer coupons.

Hint: Not every newspaper offers the same coupons.

We will talk about coupon stacking later in another post. How do you know when to use a coupon? They list out each week every store, what items are on sale, and whether or not its a good time to use your coupon on the sale items. By following along, you can easily start snagging tons of free items each week. Go Big or Go Home Once you've found a hot sale to stack a coupon with, it is slightly a waste of time to just buy one item on sale.

You might find a sale where you can pick up your favorite shampoo for a quarter! If you only had one coupon with a family of 5 that shampoo would go quick. Then the next week you'd have to roll back to the store and pay full-price for more shampoo. If something is a ' stock up price ' it's best to buy multiples of the item so you can use it until the next sale comes around, which is typically in about weeks.

Consider how many newspapers your family will need.

A good rule of thumb is to order one newspaper for each person in your family. You can negotiate with your local newspaper company to reduce the price when you order mutltiples. Not all places will do this.

Coupon Policy

Determine your monthly cost for papers and how much will you save by couponing. You can always add papers when you see your savings add up. Start One Store at a Time The best advice for starting couponing is to start with only one store. Sometimes even a cashier does not know their own policy so always have a printed copy of the store coupon policy with you. The first few times you coupon will be trial and error while you learn to coupon.

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After you have coupon at one store and know their policy and the cashiers you can start learning another store. Doing this, it's possible to build what amounts to a library of coupons at our disposal. Then, when we need them, those coupons are waiting to be looked up, cut out and used. As you mentioned, most printable Internet coupons do allow multiple prints of the same coupon. The average print limit is two per computer, but I will always try to click the "back" button in my Web browser and print again until I receive the message that the print limit for the coupon has been reached.

It's important to do this because companies do offer higher print limits at times. That was a high limit and it allowed me to really stock up on that item at a low price because I had so many coupons. Along the same lines, having as many coupons as possible definitely helps! People often ask how many newspapers I get. I currently have two different newspapers delivered on Sunday, a smaller, local paper and our big Chicago newspaper, because the coupons inserts in the two newspapers are different.

In some areas, papers may offer "double inserts" for a very low rate. You might also see if your local newspaper offers a reduced rate to get a second, identical newspaper delivered on the day the coupons appear. I did this recently after numerous people in my Super-Couponing classes told me that they were able to add a second copy of the large Sunday newspaper to their existing subscription for just 50 cents a week.

Fifty cents is a small price to pay for double the coupons. If you go through your coupon inserts when they arrive, take note of any high-value coupons. If your dog eats that variety of food, it may well be worth spending a dollar or two to pick up a second copy at the newsstand that week, just to get another copy of that high-value coupon. And you'll have doubles of all the other coupons, too.

Lastly - get creative!

I have a friend who treats herself to a cappuccino on Sunday afternoons at her favorite coffeehouse shortly after lunchtime and offers to "clean up" the restaurant each week for them. She then takes home all the Sunday papers and coupons that numerous patrons have left behind! One person's trash may very well be your means to a lower grocery bill. Jill Cataldo is a coupon-workshop instructor.

Buy Coupon Inserts, Pay Less and Save More | Saving My Family Money

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